Schöffel ZipIn

Schöffel ZipIn! The convertible all-year-round solution.

Are you looking for a jacket concept that you can wear all year round? Then you are in the right place, because Schöffel offers you the perfect solution for any temperature and any activity with its innovative ZipIn! concept. The key feature here is that the different inner jackets can be zipped into the outer jacket really easily using the zip. This means that inner jackets and bodywarmers made from Down, PrimaLoft® Black Eco and fleece make an ideal addition to wind and waterproof outer jackets. Just zip in the inner jacket you need and you are perfectly well-equipped for any weather with wind and waterproof, warm clothing.

The zip-in jackets and the outer jacket can of course both be worn separately. The fresh and modern range of colours are a wonderful feature for everyday wear and for any sporting activity. Ideal for when you are out and about in the sun, in rain and on cold – with Schöffel ZipIn! you will have the right answer ready for any weather!

You can easily find all the Schöffel ZipIn! products here - sorted by Women’s and Men’s.

Make your own combination with Schöffel ZipIn!

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