Schöffel breaks its own path

Over 200 years old but still young and full of ideas: Traditional and modern are no contradiction for Schöffel - they are root to success. To be open for the new, setting the trends instead of following the others, acting responsibly and sustainably, acting internationally but still nurturing the native basis in Bavarian Schwabmünchen – Schöffel goes its own way.

„One thing I can confidently do without“, says Peter Schöffel, managing partner in seventh generation and steering the company, „quarterly reports.“ Much more the long-term strategies are what he and his team actually follow. Focus is the customer, which wishes to savor, experience, hike and feel nature. Schöffel offers just the right products for them

Schöffel is as longtime market leader in the field of functional sports clothing, acknowledges its own heritage, the region and the employees. Schöffel is one of the few big clothing companies in Germany which continues to train tailors and develops and designs the complete collection in house, from first draft to series production. The company group Schöffel, traditionally with high degree of own capital, is divided into the brand Schöffel and the segment of Professional Wear. In both corporate field the signs indicate grows and internationality. Around 200 employees work at the location Schwabmünchen.

Schöffel understands itself as manufacturer in best Swabian tradition, because all precision work is performed here. Only after the products meet the own, high standards, they are granted the das Schöffel-Logo. With an eye for details innovations are developed and high-tech materials are tested.

The business mentality of the family is what Hubert Schöffel brought to the point: „Our iron principle is: The Schöffels are there for the company - not the other way!“

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