"I am out."

You can’t hit the point better! „Ich bin raus“, (I’m out) is the motto of Schöffel – just as it is communicated in the widely acclaime TV commercial.

Schöffel – for sure –  is not the brand of downshifters. Instead it accompanies and clothes those seeking a healthy balance between intense work life and sportive leisure. Nature is the place to recharge the batteries again and gather new strength, where they self-discover themselves together with their friends and family.

„Ich bin raus“ stands for the philosophy of Schöffel. On the sportive move in nature, leaving the daily grind behind for a while. Feeling and savoring nature in all of its facets – but without performance pressure and competitive character. Just for me, myself!

Our products follow this philosophy. Schöffel outdoor and ski clothing concentrates upon what men and women really need “out there”: the highest degree of freedom of movement, functionality and protection at any kind of weather.

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